Wellness65+ offers 20% off the entire store on the first Wednesday of every month. If you are age 65, or know someone who is, enroll for free and plan ahead to purchase your non-prescription items once a month on Wellness65+ Wednesdays. Ready to join for free? Just click on the button at the bottom of the post.

Readers know that you can score great deals and even free items when you follow the sales and use coupons at Pharmacy. In addition to the 20% discount for seniors, Pharmacy also offers more perks for becoming a member of their Wellness65+ program.

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20% OFF in-store and online on Wellness65+ Wednesdays

  • - 20% off non-prescription purchases that day for all Wellness65+ members
  • - Special monthly activities with a different health topic each month
  • - Featured products and information just for seniors

FREE Pharmacist Consultation

  • - Your Medications
  • - Your Immunization Needs
  • - Free Pharmacy Services
  • - Free Blood Pressure Screening
  • - Medicare Part D Questions